Program management-IoT- Digital twins- System Architecture- BIM- AI


Malika Boussemart


Program management – AI- Machine Learning -Eco-system Builder-Business development- Engineering Simulation and Training- Naval expertise 

Michel Boussemart


Program management – AI- Machine learning -Engineering- Integrated logistics support- (ILS)- Maintenance- Naval expertise 


BIM consultants

BIM- Civil Engineering- Project engineering/ management 



Malika Boussemart

 Malika is an experienced Senior Leader
and Management Consultant with over 15 years’ experience in a diverse range of management and technical leadership roles. She has an international career in Australia, Europe and South America. Her specialities include Company Start-up, ecosystem building and Leadership, Strategy formulation and execution, Program and Engineering Management, Defence Engineering, Business Development and Capture Strategy Development.


Michel Boussemart 

Michel has an extensive international career. His expertise includes program management, data science, business intelligence, engineering, cybersecurity and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). He also led ambitious research activities and worked for over 15 years for strategic Aerospace and Defence programs.


Mark Shariat

Mark is a technologist entrepreneur with an engineering background. Mark has extensive experience in various industries including defense, Mining, and construction. He is passionate about systems engineering and combining several  AI and Machine learning-based technologies with IoT and BIM to solve complex real-world problems. He is also active in developing extended reality and gaming technologies. 

Rachelle Aguada 

Rachelle has over eight years of experience in the construction industry in the Philippines and Singapore. Her background is in structural detailing, construction coordination, and project management. Her previous projects were from small-scale housing construction to high-rise condominiums and a train station. She is passionate about BIM and other software used in the construction field. She is also aiming to do some research projects related to water resource management.  

All business transactions must go through Mark Shariat and Michel Boussemart.