Data science Services
AI- Machine Learning - BI

Lift your information and data capabilities to the next level by designing and implementing data engineering solutions. 

Machine Learning Frameworks

  • Configure access to common Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) Platforms: Amazon Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • Advice for best hardware/software configurations to host machine learning applications on Windows or Linux machines
  • Installation and configuration of complete machine learning solutions for your business (Python environment, SKLearn, Pytorch, Tensorflow) 

Machine Learning Studies/ Big data Studies

  • Support and teaching machine learning for business
  • Deploy machine learning solutions: needs analysis, data analysis/cleansing/preparation, Best suitable model(s) choice and design, training/evaluation, production/industrialisation
  • Interactive reports (Jupyter Notebooks, including model description – Latex edition)
  • Design and develop big data Infrastructure ( including data warehouse, data lakes, and data migration/integration)

Business Intelligence

  • Design business intelligence / data analytics dashboards for reports and help make faster best and smart decisions
  • Create dashboards with ready tools or open source Solutions
  • Configure Cloud portals / local servers to host ready tools( like Power BI/Azure platform) services and connect data (data warehouse, data lakes)
  • Frontend / Backend application design and development
  • Integrating into existing applications 

Let’s work together

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Step 3:

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At IoT Consultants, we apply the best agile development practices. At any stage, we work closely with our customers and end-user.

Skills and Capabilities

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Azure
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Custom Solution
  • Data Warehouse
  • Integration
  • SQL
  • SQL Server Upgrade