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Support for tender responses

Our mission is to provide each client with expert advice in a timely and efficient manner.

We provide help with tenders and will work with you to coordinate this process and meet the tender deadlines. We will ensure that the best possible tender response is submitted. We can either help create the content for the entire document, including the commercial & technical elements, or work with content you provide, making sure that it is complete and persuasively pitched.

In the Defence Industry, tenders comes at different stages and formats : EOI, RFI, RFT/RFP and key elements to offer are not the same along prime’s project phases. Because we have many years experience in the Aerospace and Naval Defence Industry, we know of providing the right help you need to be selected by your customer.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

In major Defence contracts, optimisation of life-cycle costs and meeting requirements such as operational availability play a strategic role. To address this challenge, primes take advantages of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) methodology which effectiveness has been proven over many decades of Defence program around the world.
Suppliers take also part in ILS processes by providing studies, documentation and logistic data at the right time, often in an iterative way.
Because we have many years experience in ILS, we support you to understand the process, requirements and long term goals defined by prime contractors. We support you to write ILS Plans, define work breakdown structures, initial planning, best organisations and technical support for ILS activities.
In addition, we assist you to discuss and prepare sustainement contacts which have to be considered as return of investment, in term of recognition and as long term profit in term of business. Having experience as international suppliers, we have the ingredients to guarantee your success.


The cyber security field is highly dynamic and requires committed suppliers who seek to continually learn and improve in regards to Defence Projects. 

Based on our expertise and experience in significant naval ship building projects, we help you to integrate Cybersecurity in your engineering and business processes at the earlier stage, from the beginning of your product/system’ lifecycle. We support you to improve your competitive avantage to be ready to  be involved in long term projects.   

Our offer comes alongside many outstanding and up-to-date trainings available in Australia where you learn technical aspects, such as standards or how to mitigate risks against last threatens. This background is absolutely required as Cybersecurity has to be considered at any stage of projects and everywhere. In that context, we support you to manage efficiently your cybersecurity process in your projects through all phases in a system/product lifecycle: offer / concept / design-engieneering / manufacturing / maintenance and sustainement phase. 

At Expression of Interest (EOI) / Request for Information (RFI) stages, suppliers have to show their maturity and alignment to cybersecurity requirements. We help you in this process. h

Business development

Your company is well established in Australia and you would like to belong to the Defence Ecosystem as supplier ? That’s the right time, as there are right now major defence programs.  

We can help to align your organisation’s offerings with major prime contractor’s demands. To achieve this, we support you to understand the complex technical requirements and the challenging approvals processes for your products.  We work with you to build the best strategy to adapt your company to the market.

Support for Program Management

We have the expertise to guide you through the life cycle of your project, from the beginning to completion. As experienced program managers, having led  multidisciplinary and integrated team including software and hardware subcontractors for engineering studies, manufacturing, and maintenance activities of naval complex systems, we propose to support you in setting up projects, planning and management tools such as earned value management.

At IoT Consultants, we promote modern cloud and business intelligence solutions to enhance project management by creating dynamic and meaningful reports to adapt and share information at any level and to offer key decision tools for short / medium / long term horizons.

You are starting a project and need support to initiate your work breakdown structure or set the right management system to control costs, quality and deadlines ?

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At IoT Consultants, we apply the best agile development practices. At any stage, we work closely with our customers and end-user.

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